We are a surf school based in the South End of Ocean City, NJ. This end of the island boasts more of a laid back lifestyle. All of our lessons and camps are conducted on 51st Street beach. The sandbars of the South end offer some great waves and locations for learning how to surf.

Started in 2010, Ocean City Surf School was built on the premise of teaching surfing while having fun! We have developed a way to teach that involves safety, instruction, and of course fun.

We offer surf lessons for kids and adults of all ages. Whether you are just starting out or already an expert, we have instruction for all skill levels. The only condition is that the student must know how to swim! Most of our instructors live and or surf on the South End of Ocean City. So if your in the area look us up or stop by the beach and check us out!


Willie Fannon : Owner

Willie Fannon


Willie developed a passion for Surfing growing up in Ocean City, NJ during the summer. Having support from Hurley and Wynn Surfboards, he competed in various competitions including NSSA and ESA. Some accomplishments include the titles of NSSA 2000 Northeast Open Mens and Explorer Mens Champion. Graduating from Stockton College in 2006, Willie moved to California to surf, helping out at San Clemente Surf School whenever he had a chance. Willie has been back in OC and wants to pass that passion of surfing on to the next person.

Meghan Maguire : Instructor

Meghan Maguire


I'm a 22 year old college student at Drexel University, I've spent my summers in Ocean City and fell in love with surfing at nine years old. I'm goofy footed and love to surf anything from a fish to my 9'2 Channin. You can usually find me in the Southend paddling around or just hanging out on the beach. Self-proclaimed Southend Sally.



Jonathan Bowdler : Instructor

Jonathan Bowdler


Jonathan brings years of surfing experience and a style like none other to the Surf School."I am 18 years old and am lucky enough to call myself a surfer. I started surfing at 7 years old and get more and more stoked every year."




Elsie Becker : Instructor

Elsie Becker


A 22 years old, goofy foot from Upper Township. Current college student at Atlantic Cape Community College and former Ocean City High School Surf Team Champion. She has surfed in Hawaii and Peru (longest left in the world). She rides a custom 9'2 Roots surf craft longboard.




Ryan Templeton : Instructor

Ryan Templeton


Ryan, 16 years old, has spent about 13 years of his life surfing! A current competitor in Eastern Surfing Association and former Pecks Beach Champion, you can find Ryan surfing at the South End beaches. Spending his summers at the beach, Ryan says he is "a professional banana peeler and aspiring stargazer."



Drip the Water Drop : Water Education and Awareness

Drip the Water Drop

Water Education and Awareness

Drip makes occasional appearances on behalf of South Jersey Water to create awareness on the importance of clean water. One problem is that Drip has a fear of the Ocean so most of his time is spent on the beach. Hopefully this summer Drip will finally paddle out!




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